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  • U.S.$940 Million Expected From Coffee Exports
    [Ethiopian Herald] Ethiopia is working to become second coffee exporting country.
  • Exploitation of the Nile — Historical Perspective
    [Ethiopian Herald] There are so many oral literatures, both in the upper and lower stream countries, which appreciate and admire the Nile River since time immemorial. More than ten thousand poems which describe the Nile River’s vastness and lengthiness were written in multiple languages.
  • Italy to Participate Ethiopian Textile Machinery Expo
    [Ethiopian Herald] ACITF trade fair would feature a delegation of Italian textile machinery manufacturers.
  • ’No Smoking!’ Sign Unheeded
    [Ethiopian Herald] Walking around, ironic as it may sound you might have seen someone smoking leaning on the billboard indicating ’No Smoking!’ Warning. Some smokers may not also care about others while walking puffing on crowded pedestrian walks. Citizens too lack the gut to tell the smoker upfront not to smoke around him/​her or tipping the empowered and responsible body to take punitive measures against those that violate the regulation on clean environment.
  • Revised Youth Dev’t Package to Be Effective Soon
    [Ethiopian Herald] Ministry of Youth and Sports yesterday announced that revised youth development strategy and package would come to force very soon.
  • Ethiopian to Stretch Wings to Antananarivo
    [Ethiopian Herald] Africa’s largest airline group, Ethiopian Airlines announced that it would add Antananarivo,Madagascar, to its network as of March 28, 2017.
  • Making Up for Skimped Over Educational Chances of Women
    [Ethiopian Herald] Throughout much of the human history of civilization, deep-​seated cultural beliefs and principles allowed women only limited roles in society. Under the aegis of these cultural values, predominantly women were supposed to make their role only confined to household as a mother and care giver tied down by routine chores.

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