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  • Addressing Challenges of City Transport
    [Ethiopian Herald] The Ministry of Transport recently announced that five hundred new buses and more than one thousand taxis will be roaming in the streets of Addis shortly to contribute to lessen the transport problems of the city. The government has provided more than 1.5 billion birr loan to investors to purchase the vehicles. The vehicles are arriving home and will begin rendering service next year.
  • Large Scale Tree Plantation Ensuring Climate Resilient Economy
    [Ethiopian Herald] The increase in global warming, soil erosion and depletion of soil fertility, air and water pollution, soaring temper atures and weather patterns as well as the ozone depletion are among the major issues of concern in this modern age. Forests play an important role in curbing climate change and its effects. The destruction and degradation of forests contribute to the problem through the release of CO2. But the planting of new forests can help mitigate against climate change by removing CO2 from the atmosph
  • Floods Displace Hundreds of Thousands As More Rains Forecast — UN
    [Thomson Reuters Foundation] Nairobi –La Nina weather phenomenon is likely to bring further rain and flooding, says UN
  • Nyangatom’s Untold Heritages
    [Ethiopian Herald] Ethnic Group: Nyangatom
  • Enterprise Expanding Air Transport Facilities
    [Ethiopian Herald] The Ethiopian Airports Enterprise said that it has made notable improvements in the development of air transport through capacity building, infrastructural development and revenue increase.
  • City Youth Condemn Recent Violence
    [Ethiopian Herald] The youth has various leagues, forums and associations to maximize their benefit
  • Ethiopia, South Korea Foresee Cooperation Potential
    [Ethiopian Herald] Deputy Minister Choi Jong-​moon said his government will do its level best to promote Ethiopia.

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