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  • Ethiopia — Simpler Phone, Smarter Choice?
    [Deutsche Welle] The World Mobile Congress gets underway in Barcelona on Monday and one highlight is the reported relaunch of the Nokia 3310. In parts of Africa, simpler phones are coveted because they are robust and cheap.
  • New Employment Plan ’More Politics Than Jobs’
    [Deutsche Welle] The Ethiopian government has been trumping the country’s recent economic success. But a new plan to employ young people appears to be more about quelling protests than providing employment.
  • Oppositions Say Dialogue ’Better Late Than Never’
    [Ethiopian Herald] Putting their differences aside, the ruling and opposition parties have recently come to a round table to find ways of nurturing the political environment for the good of the people.
  • South Sudan’s Salva Kiir On State Visit
    [Ethiopian Herald] The visit would enhance the two sides relations.
  • New U.S Administration to Consolidate Ethiopia Ties
    [Ethiopian Herald] The new administration regards Ethiopia as its strategic alliance in the region.
  • Climate Change Could Make Us Stronger
    [Citizen] Sometime before Ethiopia started construction of its Gibe III dam in the Omo Valley in 2008, I went to the outskirts of Nairobi for a conversation with some of Kenya’s bright national security elite.
  • The Construction Industry in Bolstering Growth
    [Ethiopian Herald] Ethiopia is a rapidly growing country that has been scoring a double digit economic growth for a decade. The availability of untapped natural resources coupled with its being the second populous country in Africa further makes the nation advantageous. Among others, the construction sector is instrumental in catapulting the nation to higher levels of development.

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