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  • South Sudan Shows Zero Tolerance to Murle Abductors — Ambassador
    [Ethiopian Herald] South Sudan is committed to work in concert with the Ethiopian government in combating the infamous acts of some Murle abductors who frequently killed and kidnapped innocent civilians in Gambela state, the country’s ambassador to Ethiopia stated.
  • Ministry Increasing Access to Potable Water
    [Ethiopian Herald] Water, Irrigation and Electricity State Minister Kebede Gerba said the Ministry is aggressively working to achieve the national goal of meeting 83% potable water coverage by the end of GTP II.
  • Harnessing Remittances for Africa’s Development
    [Ethiopian Herald] Nearly, three per cent of Africa’s total population or more than 30 million Africans are living outside their home countries including those living within other African countries. These African migrants send money to their families in Africa. Remittances by African migrants play an important role as a source of financing and foreign exchange for African households and countries.
  • Ethiopia’s Deep Renewal — Basis for Nation’s Ongoing Renaissance
    [Ethiopian Herald] The government of Ethiopia has been undertaking a deep renewal movement from the helm to the lowest public structure so far. The movement is getting deeper and deeper by the day. Meetings are being held at all corners of the country with massive involvement of the people. In addition to expressing their opinion freely, people are exercising their rights to even deposing government officials alleged to have created good governance related problems.
  • Nation Showing Progress On TB Treatment Breakthrough
    [Ethiopian Herald] Health Ministry announced that the tuberculosis prevalence rate has fallen below 50 % in the country.
  • University, Japanese Institute Sign MoU
    [Ethiopian Herald] Wolaita Sodo University Wednesday signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Japanese Ashikaga Institute of Technology.
  • Turkish Investors Target More Sectors
    [Ethiopian Herald] Turkey Ambassador to Ethiopia Fatih Ulsoy said yesterday that Turkish businessmen who already engaged in various investments here are keen on redoubling their efforts.

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