Svensk-Etiopiska Föreningen

Swedish-Ethiopian Association

Svensk-Etiopiska föreningen är en opolitisk, religiöst obunden vänskapsförening som bildades i Stockholm 1952. De breda och djupa kontakterna mellan Sverige och Etiopien, som grundlades redan på 1950-talet, är basen och den gemensamma bakgrunden för föreningens medlemmar. Även etiopier bosatta i Sverige har tillfört föreningen ökad kunskap och förståelse för Etiopien, dess land och folk.

Nyheter om Etiopien

AllAfrica News: Ethiopia

08 december 2019

All Africa, All the Time.
  • U.S., Ethiopian Defense Officials Meet At Pentagon
    [Addis Standard] Performing the Duties of Deputy Under Secretary of Defense for Policy Dr. James H. Anderson hosts a bilateral meeting with Ethiopia's Minister of Defense, His Excellency Minister Lemma Megersa, at the Pentagon, Washington, D.C., Dec. 4, 2019. (DoD photo by U.S. Navy Petty Officer 2nd Class James K. Lee)
  • Refugees Impatient for the Right to Work
    [Thomson Reuters Foundation] Addis Ababa -Refugees are struggling to get by in Ethiopia under rules that bar them from working
  • Egypt, Ethiopia Close Ranks in Nile Dam Talks
    [East African] Technical teams seeking to end the conflict over Ethiopia's Grand Renaissance Dam along the river Nile appeared headed for a major breakthrough as the second round of talks progressed in Cairo, Egypt on Tuesday.
  • Sudan and Ethiopia Lead in FGM Prevalence
    [Nation] Sudan has the highest Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) prevalence in Africa, according to the latest survey by 28 Too Many, a values-based charity working to end the vice in Africa.
  • Efforts to Dissolve Ruling Party Draw Criticism from Within
    [VOA] A decision by Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed to dissolve the ruling party months ahead of the 2020 national election has prompted criticism from the upper echelons of his own government.
  • Ethiopia Is Making Maps to Help Improve Soil Health
    [The Conversation Africa] Healthy soils are vital to human survival. They play a pivotal role in feeding global populations - after all, food is grown in soil. Healthy soils grow more crops and allow for nutrients to be better absorbed by the crops. That's why it's important to understand exactly when there might be a problem with the soil of a particular area, and what's causing it. Without a precise diagnosis, soil can't be successfully treated.
  • The Sidama Have Voted for Their Own State. What Happens Next?
    [The Conversation Africa] Finally, after years of campaigning, the Sidama were allowed to have their day in a referendum. They've been demanding their own state on the grounds that at 4% of Ethiopia's total population, they represent a bigger group than some other ethnic communities that have their own states.

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