Svensk-Etiopiska Föreningen

Swedish-Ethiopian Association

Svensk-Etiopiska föreningen är en opolitisk, religiöst obunden vänskapsförening som bildades i Stockholm 1952. De breda och djupa kontakterna mellan Sverige och Etiopien, som grundlades redan på 1950-talet, är basen och den gemensamma bakgrunden för föreningens medlemmar. Även etiopier bosatta i Sverige har tillfört föreningen ökad kunskap och förståelse för Etiopien, dess land och folk.



Nyheter om Etiopien

AllAfrica News: Ethiopia

01 april 2020

All Africa, All the Time.
  • Former African Leaders Press Emergency Plan to Combat Pandemic
    [Premium Times] 12 former African leaders, including former Nigerian president, Olusegun Obasanjo, have called for an emergency plan to combat the COVID-19 onslaught in Africa at a continental or regional level.
  • End Internet Shutdowns to Manage Covid-19
    [HRW] New York -Intentionally shutting down or restricting access to the internet violates multiple rights and can be deadly during a health crisis such as the COVID-19 pandemic, Human Rights Watch said today. Governments that are currently imposing an internet shutdown, such as Bangladesh, Ethiopia, India, and Myanmar, should lift them immediately to save lives.
  • Ethiopia's Coop Bank Reports Profits Up 26%
    [The Exchange] Based in Ethiopia's capital of Addis Ababa, Coop Bank is growing by leaps and bounds, with profits up 29 percent in the 2018/19 financial year closing the year with USD 20.4 million under lock and key.
  • Coronavirus Declaration by the 8-Nation Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD)
    [IGAD] Djibouti -We, the Heads of State and Government of the Inter-Governmental Authority on Development (IGAD), convening via video-conference at the Extraordinary Summit on coronavirus diseases (COVID-19) pandemic on 31st March 2020:
  • The Curious Case of the Ethiopian Traditional Medicine Derived Anti-#covid19 Treatment and the Need for Caution
    [Addis Standard] As the responses to the COVID-19 pandemic unfold, the pressing question for all of us, and particularly for the general public is when will we have effective treatment? As the world grapples with the unprecedented nature of the COVID-19 pandemic, the equally frightening spread of misleading information is making scientists and public health experts specifically, and the general public at large, less focused on the most important tools we have at hand to mitigate the spread of the virus i.e. implementing st
  • Worshippers Defy Ban on Large Gatherings Despite Coronavirus
    [VOA] Health experts in Ethiopia are raising concern, as some religious leaders continue to host large gatherings despite government orders not to do so in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak.
  • Ethiopian Defense Minister and Chief of Staff Offer Condolences On Defense Minister
    [SNA] Khartoum -The Ethiopian Minister of Defense Lemma Megersa and his chief of staff, General Adem Mohammed, have conveyed their condolences and sympathy to the Sudanese people, their leadership and the Armed Forces on death of Defense Minister Lieutenant General Jamal Eddin Omer Mohamed Ibrahim, who passed away yesterday in Juba.

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