Svensk-​Etiopiska Föreningen

Swedish-​Ethiopian Association

Svensk-​Etiopiska föreningen är en opolitisk, religiöst obunden vänskapsförening som bildades i Stockholm 1952. De breda och djupa kontakterna mellan Sverige och Etiopien, som grundlades redan på 1950-​talet, är basen och den gemensamma bakgrunden för föreningens medlemmar. Även etiopier bosatta i Sverige har tillfört föreningen ökad kunskap och förståelse för Etiopien, dess land och folk.

Nyheter om Etiopien

AllAfrica News: Ethiopia

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  • Progress With Meles’ Legacy Five Years Since His Departure
    [Ethiopian Herald] 17 years of armed struggle and 21 years of political leadership make up a significant portion of the late former Prime Minister Meles Zenawi’s 57 years of stay on earth. The biography of Meles shows that he left his higher studies at the Medical school of Addis Ababa University to join fierce armed struggle in northern Ethiopia.
  • Smugglers Target Ethiopian, Somali Teens for Deadly Trip to Yemen
    [VOA] Despite being seven months pregnant, Mesno Taha left her home in Harerge, Ethiopia to find peace and a better future. She trekked to the Somali zone of Ethiopia, crossed the border into Somalia and paid to board a boat bound for Yemen.
  • South Sudan Looks Forward for Infrastructural Integration With Ethiopia
    [Ethiopian Herald] South Sudan is optimistic that peace would be attained and look forward to push for the implementation of joint development projects with Ethiopia ranging from installing road networks to oil pipeline.
  • The Mastermind of Ethiopia’s Successful Foreign Policy
    [Ethiopian Herald] The late Prime Minister Meles Zenawi, who played a key role in designing the 2002 Foreign Affairs and National Security Policy and Strategy (FANSPS) strongly believed that the major objective of the foreign policy, diplomacy and relations should be promoting economic development through cooperation, partnership, mutual respect and regional integration with neighboring countries.
  • Inside Climate Resilient Green Economy Strategy
    [Ethiopian Herald] The green economy plan of Ethiopia, masterminded by the late prime minister Meles Zenawi apparently is devised based on four pillars: Improving crop and livestock production practices for higher food security and farmer income while reducing emissions protecting and re-​establishing forests for their economic and ecosystem services, including carbon stocks, expanding electricity generation from renewable sources of energy for domestic and regional markets, and leapfrogging to modern and energy-​efficient tec
  • Meles’ Thoughts Influenced the Mindset of the People
    [Ethiopian Herald] As could be witnessed not only by the majority of his colleagues or the Ethiopian general public but also by intellectuals from across the globe who might have got access to listen and watch his speeches, analysis, read any piece written by him via various media outlets, his direct and indirect influences in all aspects of life at all levels on Ethiopians and the region in particular and the continent aMeles’ thoughts influenced the mindset of the peoplend beyond that in general was quite unquestionable. H
  • Hospitality Sector Set to Benefit From Foreign Investment
    [EA Business] Addis Ababa –The hospitality sector in Africa’s emerging markets looks set to profit from foreign investment and an influx of foreign travellers.

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