Svensk-Etiopiska Föreningen

Swedish-Ethiopian Association

Svensk-Etiopiska föreningen är en opolitisk, religiöst obunden vänskapsförening som bildades i Stockholm 1952. De breda och djupa kontakterna mellan Sverige och Etiopien, som grundlades redan på 1950-talet, är basen och den gemensamma bakgrunden för föreningens medlemmar. Även etiopier bosatta i Sverige har tillfört föreningen ökad kunskap och förståelse för Etiopien, dess land och folk.

Nyheter om Etiopien

AllAfrica News: Ethiopia

19 september 2020

All Africa, All the Time. AllAfrica News: Ethiopia
  • Govt Strategic Plan to Boost Freight Service Focuses On Rail Way
    [Ethiopian Herald] ADDIS ABABA- Ministry of Transport and Ethio-Djibouti Rail Way S.C have endorsed a strategic plans aiming at freight service development. The Rail Way also has transported huge amount of cargo and comes with growing capacity of freight service, it was indicated.
  • 'It Is Only When There Is Peace That Investors Can Create Jobs'
    [Ethiopian Herald] Ethiopia is now transforming its home- grown economy and financial reforms to build a stable and strong economy. The private sector is believed to play a key role. It is well known that the private sector, which can make a significant contribution to the country's economy, was led in unhealthy system. However, the government is currently undertaking various reform measures to address the shortcomings that have directly or indirectly contributed to the failures in economic growth.
  • Commission Expresses Deep Concern, Welcomes Effort to Maintain Peace in Benishangul-Gumuz Region
    [Ethiopian Herald] ADDIS ABABA - The Ethiopian Human Rights Commission expressed deep concern over what it described as "a security events unfolding in the Benishangul-Gumuz Region" while welcoming the effort to maintain peace by the National Defense Force, the Federal Police, and the Regional Security Forces.
  • Union to Launch 16 New Coffee Washing Plants
    [Ethiopian Herald] ADDIS ABABA - Bench Maji Coffee Producers Cooperative Union announced that 16 new coffee washing plants would go operational soon.
  • The Coming of Birr As Ethiopia's Currency Note
    [Ethiopian Herald] Prior to the introduction of paper money here are some evidences that gold and silver coins were used by ancient Ethiopian kingdoms like Axum. But for the most part of its history Ethiopia used salt blocks known as Amole Tchew as currency, according to continental
  • Genuine Dialogue Creates Ground to Reconcile Polarized Views - Scholars
    [Ethiopian Herald] ADDIS ABABA - Ethiopia needs an all-inclusive national dialogue to navigate through fundamental issues as a 'tragedy of the commons' complicate the reform process, Scholars argued adding, for the proper deployment of successful dialogue, lessons should be taken from the experiences of neighboring countries.
  • Embassy Highlights Post Covid-19 FDI Attraction Significance
    [Ethiopian Herald] ADDIS ABABA- Ethiopian Embassy in India disclosed that it has focused on promoting activities that help the country put policy reforms into practice by which it can potentially attract more foreign direct investment (FDI) during the post COVD-19 era.

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